The Best and Worst Hedge Fund Stocks of 2015

It’s no secret that 2015 was a tough year for hedge funds. From the crashing energy sector to the largest Alpha drawdown since 2008, events conspired to truly make it an annus horriblis for the industry (and 2016 is not shaping up to be much better.) In this market environment, stock selection is paramount to outperformance. As you’ll see here, the valley between the highest performing securities and the worst is deep and wide. 

In this report, we’ll list the top 50 alpha generators and detractors amongst the hedge fund universe. The goal is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture—the bad picks that crushed hedge funds and the stellar picks that remind us of the tenacity of active management.

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What’s in the report?

1) The 50 Best Hedge Fund Stocks of 2015

2) The 50 Worst Hedge Fund Stocks of 2015

3) Overall Hedge Fund Sector Heatmaps