Ensure managers meet investment objectives.

Actively monitor performance, risk, and exposures for current and prospective managers.
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Unlock total portfolio insights on one platform.

Perform deep portfolio analysis and reporting using advanced portfolio management dashboards and investment operations tools.
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Transform your investment team’s workflows.

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Sophisticated Analytics

Leverage a range of performance, risk, and attribution analytics at the position, fund, and portfolio levels. Gain nuanced perspective on key metrics through custom tagging, portfolio look-through, and more.

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Flexible Reporting

Utilize our library of templates to build reports designed for your use case and data type. Customize reports to match your workflows. Export any report to a spreadsheet, PDF, or shareable dashboard.

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Data Maintenance

Our data team uses the Novus Platform to integrate directly with your data providers, run routine data checks, and correct issues within both historical and current data.

Feedback on the Novus Platform


SEI Novus drastically simplifies the complexities at our firm. The Novus Platform is notably smooth and easy to navigate, especially compared to cumbersome alternatives. Using the platform, we can communicate our firm’s story and respond to inquiries in real time. The people are incredibly impressive as well—everyone we’ve interacted with has remained responsive and exceptionally capable at every turn.


Paolo Mortarotti
Tower House Partners


Tasks that used to take us days can be completed in under an hour with The Novus Platform. The system is flexible and very helpful in drawing quick insights. Most importantly, the level of service I personally have received from SEI Novus has been exceptional. Not only does the team work with you during the integration, but they are readily available on an ongoing basis. The SEI Novus team is always ready to help, knowledgeable, and effective.


William Hunt
Research Analyst


The Novus Platform provides powerful insights into drivers of performance and helps us to have a deeper dialogue with our portfolio managers. The task of monitoring our portfolios has been made much easier through the flexibility of the system. Additionally, the support we have received, which is crucial to the adoption and success of any platform, has been exceptional.


Laura Baird
Managing Director
Private Advisors
“Best Portfolio Management Vendor”
Family Wealth Report Awards
“Best Multi-Asset Class Portfolio Management System”
PAM Awards

Explore how institutional investors use the Novus Platform.

This case study covers use cases for manager monitoring and portfolio intelligence.
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Learn how the Novus platform can help your investment team

Our team of experts will introduce you to our manager analysis and portfolio intelligence capabilities, tailoring the conversation to your specific needs and interests.