The Novus Platform

Novus is the world’s leading portfolio intelligence platform for institutional investors, serving both capital allocators and managers. Serving 150 clients globally, collectively controlling $3tn in AUM, Novus digitizes and enriches investor data, powering our analytics for slicing and dicing portfolios along exposure, risk, and attribution. With Novus, you’ll derive actionable investment insights, improve stakeholder conversations by leveraging digital tools, and automate analytics for your entire organization. Novus is Where Investors Succeed.


Our data is unique. No other company in the world has as much transparency into the Hedge Fund industry.



Which Factor is Truly a Best Idea?

Novus tracks the most popular stocks among hedge funds along four dimensions. Let's discuss the top performers YTD: Consensus and Conviction.

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How Portfolio Managers can Learn from the Mistakes of NFL Coaches

Coaches and portfolio managers both experience high-pressure situations where they have to decide whether to play it safe, or take the risk.

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State of the Industry: August 2019

During a down month, Real Estate was the only positive sector, Consensus beat Conviction, and funds found alpha in TGD, MSFT, and others.

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Dark Clouds around Crowded Stocks

A crowding phenomenon across hedge funds can actually be positive, but the wisdom of the crowd often turns into the madness of the crowd.

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Solutions for Investment Managers

Novus brings all of your historical and ongoing positions to life through an intuitive analytics platform.

Performance Attribution

No more static reports or Excel exports. Novus offers powerful performance attribution analytics for investment managers.

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Risk Management

Novus simplifies risk into a powerful and clean interface that chief investment officers, portfolio managers and marketing professionals can understand.

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Public Ownership Research

Search and analyze detailed portfolio information on any investment manager across 100+ countries around the world. Competitive intelligence, redefined.

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Solutions for Investors

We help our investor clients drive more rigorous manager research, gain better transparency into their aggregate portfolio at the position-level, and automate reporting to investors, boards and other constituents.

Portfolio Attribution & Performance

All of the insights you need to better understand and measure the drivers of performance within your portfolio. Detailed P&L, contribution, capital-allocation ratios, batting averages, win/loss ratios and hundreds of built-in benchmarks.

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Risk Aggregation

The most advanced and complete aggregation platform for investors. The Novus Platform is the only system that can offer true aggregation across equity, hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and real asset allocations at a multi-asset class, multi-level basis on both exposures and performance.

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Public Ownership Research

Search and screen for new managers or gain more insight into the funds you’re invested in, analyze detailed portfolio information on thousands of hedge funds, mutual funds and other investment advisors based on public data from across the globe.

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