Enrich your data.

Extract investment insight.

Engage stakeholders.

All with a single digital tool,
trusted by hundreds of investors.

Enrich your data

Unlock your true potential,
starting with data.

Novus seamlessly integrates with your custodian banks, fund administrators or portfolio management systems.

We ingest, validate, cleanse, correct and harmonize your data at any frequency, whether daily or monthly.

We then enrich your data with relevant market or alternative data-sets, supplemented by tags you define to view the world as you see it.

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Extract investment insight

Identify trends and dive deeper with analytics.

Slice and dice your portfolio up and down the ladder, and back and forth across time.

Aggregate and analyze your portfolio along dimensions of attribution, risk and exposure.

Simulate scenarios and test portfolio ideas, then analyze them as you would your actual portfolio.

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Engage stakeholders

Collaborate across teams
and share your results.

Build brand compliant reports to communicate with stakeholders and tell your story.

Leverage customizable grids and charts to fully control how you present your data.

Share your work and collaborate on any number of reports with your team.

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Learn how Novus can help you succeed.

Our team of world-class client management analysts will introduce you to our product, tailoring the conversation to your specific needs and interests.