We transform how the world invests.

Novus brings together the world’s top technologists, data scientists and analytical minds to help our clients generate higher returns.

Be a stronger,
smarter competitor.

The only way to improve your returns over time is to innovate. A select group of top managers have invested with Novus to transform their technology, data and analysis to generate higher returns. Whether markets go up or down - or even sideways - these managers are moving forward.

More Alpha

Be Different

We improve your position
sizing skill, trading acumen,
exposure management, risk management,
and security selection decisions.

We help investors see
what makes you different.

Make yourdatawork for you.

We don’t just integrate data. We make it beautiful.

That means we help you reconcile, normalize and verify your data. We do the work so that you can focus on investing.

We collect data from dozens of administrators, prime brokers, custodians and accounting systems, along with hundreds of public regulatory agencies around the world. We enrich that with market, fundamental and economic data, to make it infinitely more powerful.

Data is the foundation that supports better analysis for our clients.

Do your trading decisions add value to performance?

Measure your performance versus a static portfolio by position, category and at the portfolio level

Do you generate higher returns on your largest positions?

Analyze your return on invested capital by position size

How well are you sizing positions?

Measure your performance versus an equal weight portfolio.

Can you pull up trading activity on any security in under a second?

Analyze how you’ve traded individual names versus their price over time.

What impact do gross and net exposure movements have on your performance?

Measure your performance versus a portfolio that doesn't move exposures around.

Novus is your partner.

When you work with Novus, you work with a focused team of former portfolio managers and allocators who understand the industry, become experts on your portfolio and who deliver analysis and insights that make you more competitive.

  • We work with the top investors in the world.

  • We have a positive impact on returns.

  • We have more scale than anyone in
    the industry.

Make better decisions.

The only way to improve your returns over time is to innovate. A select group of top sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, pensions, fund of funds and family offices have invested with Novus to transform their technology, data and analysis to generate higher returns. Whether markets go up or down - or even sideways - these allocators are moving forward.

You can't improvealpha
if your data is out of control.

Make your data work for you.

We don’t integrate data. We make it beautiful. We reconcile, normalize, verify and aggregate your data, so you can focus on investing.

  • Position Level Transparency
  • Exposure/Risk Reports
  • Public Regulatory Filings
  • Balances & Transactions

Novus collects data from dozens of administrators, prime brokers, custodians and accounting systems and enriches that data with market, fundamental and economic information to make it infinitely more powerful. If a manager is willing to permission you with position-level transparency or you have a managed account, you're covered with Novus.

We transform the documents your managers send you into valuable information, so that no critical data point goes unnoticed. We have thousands of managers already submitting information on behalf of a client base managing almost a trillion dollars.

Novus provides clients with the world's largest database of public regulatory filings. We aggregate data from over a hundred countries around the world, including daily short positions from Europe.

Whether you're invested in hedge funds, mutual funds or private equity managers, we aggregate your balances, transactions and cash flows to provide data and analysis that's relevant to your portfolio.

What's your gross and net exposure by strategy or asset class,
how has it changed over time and who's contributing to it?

Gain complete visibility into your aggregate exposures, positions and risks.

Do you know when your manager’s liquidity is deteriorating or improving?

Measure liquidity by days, dollars, over time or point in time, only on the Novus Platform.

How much alpha do your managers add through position sizing decisions?

Measure your managers’ performance versus an equal weight portfolio.

How much alpha is my manager adding by sector, market cap, or geography?

Measure security selection skill using multiple frameworks, including Novus and Brinson by manager or aggregate portfolio.

Novus is your partner.

When you work with Novus, you work with a focused team of former portfolio managers and allocators who understand the industry, become experts on your portfolio and who deliver analysis and insights that make you more competitive.

  • We work with the top investors in the world.

  • We have a positive impact on returns.

  • We have more scale than anyone in
    the industry.

Work at Novus.

Our mission is to bring together the world's top technologists, data scientists and analytical minds to help the world invest. Novus is an environment where you can make things happen, fast.

Have an impact.
Build something meaningful.

People are at the core of what makes Novus special. They have a clear & direct impact. They get better over time. And they understand their purpose.

Life at Novus.

We bring together diverse people from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and experiences so they can accomplish amazing things.

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Ownership
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Gym Membership
  • Team Outings
  • Resources

You're going to be given a lot of rope to make things happen.

By working with the top people in your field, you're going to get
better over time.

Almost 100% of employees who have been at Novus for more than a year
have options in the company.

Top of the line medical, dental and vision insurance. No deductibles, no co-pays.

Full membership to NYC's best Health and Fitness Club.

Your colleagues will become your closest friends - which is why we spend a lot of time outside of work at social events, on outings and traveling together.

Need resources to either make you or Novus better? Just ask.

Find your place at Novus.

We're making history.

Novus was founded in 2007 by a group of investors, data scientists and engineers to build a foundation that helps the world's top investors generate higher returns. Simply stated, we believe investors need to innovate, adapt and increase the value they deliver. Today, almost 100 of the world’s top managers and allocators managing approximately $1 trillion are using a single foundation that leverages all of their ideas and produces innovative technology on a regular, iterative cycle. At its essence, Novus is a platform for the industry’s top investors to collectively innovate.

Basil Qunibi

Chief Executive Officer

Basil is Novus' Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Basil has spent his entire career investing both as an investment manager and allocator. He started his career at Merrill Lynch where he was responsible for over $4 billion in allocated capital across the Chemicals, Energy, Metals & Mining and Tobacco Industries. In 2004, Basil joined Ivy Asset Management to help build out Ivy's credit focus and after two years joined the long/short equity team, responsible for over $6 billion in capital. Basil was disappointed with the industry's over-reliance on historical return analysis and manager conversations as a foundation for research and decided to start Novus in 2007. Basil graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics. While at UVA, he founded Callscribe, the first company to transcribe quarterly earnings calls and was part of the McIntire Investment Institute, a student-run long/short fund.

Stan Altshuller

Chief Research Officer

Stanley Altshuller is Novus' Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer. Mr. Altshuller worked in Ivy Asset Management's Portfolio Management Group, where he was part of a team responsible for constructing, monitoring and managing all of Ivy's portfolios. During his time at Ivy, Mr. Altshuller designed and implemented a set of tools and processes for analyzing multi-manager portfolios focusing on key drivers and risks across the entire line of Ivy’s products. Prior to Ivy Asset Management, Mr. Altshuller worked at Lyster Watson & Co., where he was responsible for quantitative analysis, manager screening and portfolio modeling. Mr. Altshuller holds a BS in Mathematics and a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University.

Casey Woo

Chief Financial Officer

Casey Woo is Novus' Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Novus, Mr. Woo was with JAI Capital and Peak Macaya Capital, two New York based global long/short equity hedge funds. As the first investment team hire at both organizations, he served as a generalist covering equity securities globally across a broad range of industries, including consumer/retail, technology, media and industrials. Prior to Peak Macaya, Mr. Woo was an investment professional at Maverick Capital, a New York based global long/short equity hedge fund, where he covered equities in the Consumer/Retail group. Prior to Maverick, he was an Investment Banking analyst in Morgan Stanley's General Industrials Group where he worked on mergers & acquisitions, equity/debt financings and provided advisory services. Mr. Woo holds a B.A. in Economics with Honors from Harvard University and served as a Distinguished Cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Tomislav Pavlicic, PhD

Chief Talent Officer

Dr. Pavlicic has pursued diverse interests over the course of his life, including research, teaching, and entrepreneurship. In recent years, however, his focus has been solely on human capital management. He received a degree in clinical psychology from University of Belgrade and a PhD in cognitive psychology from Columbia University.

At Novus Dr. Pavlicic’s mandate covers the entire talent lifecycle. His primary goal is to turn Novus into an employer of choice by creating and implementing best-in-class talent acquisition and talent management practices. Prior to joining Novus, Dr. Pavlicic was Vice President, Strategic Growth at D. E. Shaw & Co., where he managed the global team in charge of technology recruiting. After leaving D. E. Shaw and Co, he was Head of Corporate Development and Director of Human Resources at Weiss Asset Management.

Robert Stepeck

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Stepeck is the Chief Technology Officer at Novus. Rob has over 27 years of experience building technology foundations, creating enterprise level architecture and applications for the financial, defense, manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries. Rob started his career as an air to air flight engineer at Norden systems and was responsible for engineering the advanced radar systems used in the F-4 fighter jet. Rob left Norden to join JP Morgan to help them develop foreign exchange infrastructure and was recruited by Philip Morris, Time Warner and Thomas H. Lee to work on some of their most pressing technology issues. Mr. Stepeck holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport.

John Dunchick

Head of Sales & Business Dev

John Dunchick is Head of Sales and Business Development at Novus. Prior to joining Novus, John worked at Capital IQ for 10 years where he was Managing Director, Head of Business and Market Development and part of the Senior Management Team at the company. During his last 2 years at Capital IQ, John served as General Manager and Head of the theMarkets.com, a company acquired by Capital IQ in September 2010. Prior to Capital IQ, John worked at Credit Suisse from 1999-2002 in Fixed Income Sales and in Investment Banking in the Sponsor Coverage Group. John began his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where he was as an Assistant Economist in the Research and Monetary Policy Group from 1995-1997. John received his BA in Economics (Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude) from Ursinus College in 1995 and received an MBA from Cornell University with a concentration in Finance in 1999.

Adam Lavin

Managing Director

Adam Lavin is a Managing Director in Novus' Business Development department. Mr. Lavin was a founding principal of Alternative Investment Management, and has worked within the hedge fund industry for over nineteen years. Prior to establishing Alternative Investment Management in 2000, Mr. Lavin was with the Hennessee Group, a hedge fund advisory firm in New York, where he focused on manager research overseeing the firm's team of analysts. Mr. Lavin began his hedge fund career in 1994 at Mad River Management, L.P., a Boston based fund of funds group and holds a B.A. in Economics with Honors from Tulane University.

Jessica Wolf

Managing Director

Jessica Wolf is Managing Director of Analytics at Novus. Jessica is a frequent contributor of ideas on improvements and enhancements to the Novus Analytics suite sourcing her ideas from the analysts she manages as well as the clients she interacts with. She serves as a liaison between clients and the Research and Development and Technology teams to communicate feature requests and aid in the development of various analytical products. Prior to Novus, Ms. Wolf performed neuropsychiatric research at UCSF and was awarded a Stanley Fellowship in 2004 for her research. Ms. Wolf holds a B.A. in psychology with a focus in neuroscience from Tulane University and a Masters in psychology from Columbia University.

Charles Poliacof

Managing Director

Charles Poliacof is a Managing Director at Novus. Charles' experience in investing and technology brings a unique hybrid skill set to Novus. Prior to joining Novus, he was Co-Head of Trading and a Portfolio Manager with Centurion Investment Partners. Charles joined Centurion with the mandate of building a multi-manager investment practice from scratch. Prior to joining Centurion, Charles was a co-founder and Managing Partner at Applied Analytics. There, Charles led a small team in the development of automated and “grey-box” trading strategies, proprietary software for stock filtering, and detailed trade reporting. Charles began his trading career at Schonfeld Securities as a proprietary trader. He holds a BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics from SUNY Stony Brook.

Seth Brotman, CFA®

Managing Director

Seth Brotman is a Managing Director at Novus. As a member of the Analytics team, Seth brings over 8 years of investment experience to help our clients make timely and effective investment decisions. Prior to joining Novus, Seth was a Director at Harcourt Alternative Investments where he focused on sourcing, screening, and analyzing hedge funds across multiple strategies. Before his time at Harcourt, Seth spent 6 years working at Auda Hedge LLC. At this multi-billion dollar fund-of-funds, Seth managed every aspect of the investment process. Over the course of his time at Auda, Seth worked in multiple investment roles including: Analyst, Portfolio Manager, and Director of Research. Seth holds both a B.S. in Finance and M.S. in Decision Information Sciences from the University of Florida. In addition, Seth is a CFA®charterholder.

Brad Eichmann

Managing Director

Brad Eichmann is Managing Director of Client Data at Novus. Mr. Eichmann leads the Client Data team at Novus. In this capacity, Mr. Eichmann performs the critical role of designing and building processes and products around client data integration. Brad oversees the integration workflow and designs tools to allow our clients unprecedented integration speeds and accuracy. Prior to joining Novus, Mr. Eichmann worked at Kier Global where he built out accounting, portfolio management and liquidity tools while assisting in manager due diligence. Prior to that Mr. Eichmann worked at Auda Advisors, where he oversaw the accounting and operations for several hedge fund portfolios and developed an in-house portfolio and accounting system. Mr. Eichmann holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Iowa.

Steve Lihn, PhD

Managing Director

Stephen Lihn is Managing Director of Data Operations at Novus. Mr. Lihn spent many years developing a website that parses and organizes 13F filing data as well as deployed a value-based equity portfolio optimization algorithm to a trading operation. He also contributed several working papers in financial engineering on SSRN. Prior to joining Novus, Mr. Lihn was with Merck, Inc., managing enterprise databases in the corporate and global finance divisions. Prior to Merck, he worked at Telcordia Technology (formerly BellCore) in a voice-over-IP venture project. Mr. Lihn holds a PhD in Physics from University of Maryland studying the magneto-optical properties of superconductor materials in very low temperatures.

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