Asset Owner Data Management

The IBOR Plus

Make the most of manager transparency with a fully reconciled, enriched Investment Book of Record. All your assets, all in one place.

An Investment Book of Record is comprised of transaction data & manager data, and can be enriched with market data.

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Transaction Data

Informed investment decisions require accurate knowledge of your balances, transactions, and PnL. Pick the approach that fits your operating needs.

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Custodian Feeds

Data reconciled in-house

Powered by Ledger

Your team uses Ledger to manage, reconcile, and directly edit custodian feeds and book transactions data, retaining control and responsibility for your own data.

Investment Book of Record

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Cashflow Processing

Data reconciled by SEI

Powered by Ledger

SEI uses Ledger to manage, reconcile, and directly edit custodian feeds and book transactions data, asserting control and responsibility for your data.

Investment Book of Record

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3rd-Party Administration

Fully outsourced
data processing

Powered by SEI Investment Management Services

SEI serves as a back and middle office. We process investments daily and reconcile, amend, and curate via a robust accounting platform. This malleable offering can be customized to your operating structure.

Investment Book of Record + Accounting Book of Record

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Manager-Provided Data

Depending on what transparency your managers provide, SEI Novus can process manager updates and communications to structure exposure- or position-level reports.

Exposure-Level Transparency

Investigate aggregate exposures—e.g., sector, country, liquidity—and their drivers on The Novus Platform

Position-Level Transparency

Enable look-through analyses with The Novus Platform

Public Markets

Establish a holdings feed from sources like fund administrators to ingest, normalize, and enrich portfolio holdings—be they comingled funds or SMAs.

Private Markets

Access rich information on your portfolio companies—not just valuations, but also meta data (e.g., operating company metrics).

Market Data

Connect your portfolio with market data automatically through The Novus Platform for deep intelligence. Activate your existing market data subscriptions, or purchase through SEI Novus.

Benchmarks and Indices
Fund Data
Reference Data
Alternative Data

Infinite datasets, infinite combinations

Our team of world-class client management analysts can provide you with a personalized introduction to our offering, focusing the conversation on your specific needs and strategy.