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Ledger Product Demo

The next generation of shadow accounting for your Investment Book of Record (IBOR) is here, unlocking greater transparency and control over your data.

Ledger by SEI Novus enhances classic shadow accounting practices in many ways:

  • Connective—Gather all your custodian and manager data into a single, digital place.
  • Workflow—Accept, reject, and modify transactions/returns/NAVs directly from the SEI Novus Platform.
  • Transparent—Audit trail, source document, and roll back time for additional review in a click. 
  • Comprehensive—Curate a full view of your entire portfolio, across all asset classes, with easy access to analytics.

In this 4-minute product introduction, you'll see how the interface actually looks, and how it can be used to take back control over your portfolio data.

March 1, 2022