The Most Skilled Portfolio Managers Q4 2015

What makes a good portfolio manager? Is it superior research and their feel for the markets? Or is it their ability to time trades and manage risk? Is it art or science? We think there are definite elements of gut and instinct in portfolio management but for the most part, we’re concerned with things we can measure. The decisions that PMs make must be quantified and analyzed. After all, whatever drives the PM’s investment process should ultimately translate into returns for investors.

In this report, we ranked the best portfolio managers in the world, and found 16 that, year after year, have landed in the first quartile for win/loss ratio and position sizing skill among all hedge funds. Analyzing data since 2008, these managers have proven their ability as they navigated through disparate market environments and survived massive alpha drawdowns.

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What's in the report?

  • a ranking of the best portfolio managers
  • detailed analysis on the top five managers
  • the top five positions for these managers entering 2016