Novus Manager Mondays: The Best of 2015 A curated selection of our best individual manager research.

The more we study hedge funds, the more we realize how vast the range of investing styles can be, even within a certain strategy. A manager’s pedigree, personality, habits, and temperament have much more impact than people realize, at times overshadowing the investment process outlined in official fund documents. This is why we started a series of manager profile articles dubbed “Manager Mondays.”

Almost every week for the past three months we chose a manager from our database of thousands of public portfolios and examined their aggregate filings for an in-depth profile and deep-dive investment analysis. A few such articles have been selected by the Novus team as the best of the series.

We hope you enjoy this collection of articles and that it proves valuable to you, whether you’re a fund manager or institutional investor.

Who's included in the report?

  • Tourbillon Capital Partners
  • Maverick Capital
  • PAR Capital Management
  • Glenview Capital Management
  • ValueAct Capital
  • Gavea Investimentos
  • Altimeter Capital Management