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How hedge funds are investing across environmental, social, and governance factors, and how ESG investment decisions (long & short) impact performance.

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Hedge Funds & ESG

These hedge funds are good for the planet

July 13, 2021

There are three hedge funds -- Ecofin, Marvin & Palmer Associates and Cantillon Capital Management -- that outshine all others in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance metrics. All three seem to be more focused on Social although Ecofin extends that view into Governance.

But do they make any money along the way to saving the world?

Ecofin's exchange-traded fund (NYSE:TEAF) has kept pace with the broader market since the March 2020 shutdown. Marvin & Palmer, meantime, don't seem to have been zeroed in on ESG in particular, but the bets they made in semiconductors and banks seem to be paying off handsomely. Same can be said for Cantillon, which seems to be content to ride its stake in S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI) for all it's worth. Founder William von Mueffling had remarked a few years ago that his long-only strategy wasn't working anymore and that he'd have to try something else. We're unaware if he ever did state what his new game plan is, but ESG might be a good bet for him at this point.