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Novus X ESG & Impact Investing Forum

Measuring the Impact of ESG Investing

How "clean" are the portfolios of the biggest hedge funds in the industry when it comes to environmental, social, and governance factors? Does it pay to go long on clean stocks, or short dirty stocks?

By combining regulatory filings data with MSCI ESG tags, Novus was able to identify which hedge funds are invested in the cleanest/dirtiest names, and also look at aggregate trends among hedge fund ownership across ratings buckets (AAA to C, as assigned by MSCI), and the impact of those decisions on performance.

Institutional investors—both allocators and managers—can run similar analyses for their own portfolios.

You may be wondering:

  • How do I measure my exposure to Environmental, Social, and Governance factors across all of my investments?
  • How have these exposures evolved over time?
  • If I had chosen securities above certain ESG thresholds, would returns be higher or would draw-downs be lower?

Andrea Gentilini, CEO, and Alex Chadwick, Vice President of Sales Engineering at Novus address these questions and more in this 18-minute spotlight video, recorded at the 2021 ESG & Impacting Forum.

Follow along with the presentation and see the latest hedge fund ESG data on the dashboard.

April 13, 2021