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Multi-Manager Platforms

Source, analyze, and monitor the investment universe.

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We built a data-rich investment program over the years through our multi-manager / managed account platform. Successful cooperation and customization with Novus has allowed us to make full use of the excessive data that is available to us. As a result, the Novus platform helps us in monitoring our investments much more efficiently.

Dr. Hartmut Nagel
Executive Director


Novus is instrumental in identifying and understanding the skill-sets and fundamentals within manager portfolios. In today's landscape, you can't get far without premier data and analytics. When you invest with a manager, you are trusting they perform incredible company-level research in order to develop a divergent view that captures excess returns. For us at Atom, we do that same level of research on our managers before we invest, and Novus is the foundation of this process.

Sammy Qunibi
Co-Founder, Head of Manager Research & Selection


Tasks that used to take us days can be completed in under an hour with Novus. The system is flexible and very helpful in drawing quick insights. Most importantly, the level of service I personally have received from Novus has been exceptional. Not only does the team work with you during the integration, but they are readily available on an ongoing basis. The Novus team is always ready to help, knowledgeable, and effective.

William Hunt
Research Analyst



Multi-Manager Platforms

 use SEI Novus

Aggregate your allocations across equity, credit/fixed income, private equity, real assets, and more. Harmonize multiple transparency levels to achieve unified visibility into your entire portfolio.

Uncover the impact of hypothetical transactions. What if I redeem from this manager? What if I increase my allocation here? Use data to asses your intuition, before committing.

Research historic portfolio performance and measure manager uniqueness using global ownership data. Uncover true drivers of performance with skill-set analytics. Monitor managers over time, and watch for style drift.

Automate reports so you can focus on what you do best—making investment decisions. Tailor reports to match your unique needs, add your logo and brand colors, and then schedule automatic updates to send to stakeholders.

Analyze your exposures by strategy, geography, sector, market cap, or set custom categories. Drill down and view your underlying positions. Drill-down further and see who contributes to those positions. Go “top to bottom” in just seconds.


Multi-Manager Platforms

 use SEI Novus

Industry-leading tools for exposures, P&L, contribution, and ROIC. Go beyond top-level metrics to better understand your skill sets; derive batting averages, capital-allocation ratios, win/loss ratios, and sources of alpha.

Automate internal reporting to streamline and maximize internal efficiency. Create completely custom reports, then add your logo and brand colors to communicate your story to stakeholders in a highly differentiated way.

Slice and dice your attribution by the variables that matter most to you. Decompose your contribution by analyst, by theme, by asset type, or any other factor.

Visualize your portfolio’s sensitivities to customizable factors; choose from market, size, value, momentum, shifts in the yield curve, oil, commodity prices, and many more. Discern how these factors have performed and how they contribute to your P&L.

Search, analyze, and track 10,000+ institutions across hedge funds, mutual funds, investment advisors, and other institutional investors. Analyze your own portfolio’s crowdedness compared to the industry, and measure overlap with peers.

Smooth Onboarding

We navigate complex integrations via careful planning, rigorous follow ups, methodical execution. Maintaining an open dialog the whole way.

Qualified Professionals

We recruit and train former investment professionals who understand the nuances of the industry and your needs. Acting as an extension of your team.

Attentive Partnership

We live by responsiveness, a focus on the long-term, and being adaptive to shifting priorities. Partnering for maximum impact.

Who Uses SEI Novus at 

Multi-Manager Platforms

Investment professionals

Access the data, analytics and insights you need for quick and informed decision-making, all using a single digital tool.

analytics teams

Monitor your managers with automated and digitized reporting, and discover new opportunities using public filings.

operations personnel

Automate all cash flow ingestion (including private investments), reconcile discrepancies against custodians, and plan allocations.

committees & boards

Achieve firm alignment, quantify outcomes, and demonstrate fiduciary responsibility by understanding your exposure to risk factors.

Who uses SEI Novus at 

Multi-Manager Platforms

portfolio managers / Analysts

Validate your skill-sets. Quantify the value added (or detracted) via security selection, position sizing, trading, and more.

investor relations / Business Development

Show, don’t tell. Share visual narratives about your firm’s security selection, conviction, market timing, category allocation, and trading history.

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