How To Be a Data Driven Investor

The only way to achieve your full potential as an investor is to make better, data-driven decisions. The top investors in the world have more data and the right technology to help them gain insights into the fundamentals of their portfolios. While trusting your gut is important, these investors understand that using the right data will help them optimize their investments and increase their performance potential.

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What's in the guide:

  • The Biggest Data Mistakes You’re Making
  • The Three Fundamentals of Portfolio Optimization
  • Why Top Asset Managers are Dropping Microsoft Excel
  • Insight Into the Latest Hedge Fund Technology

What You Will Learn

How to find hidden insight within your manager data

The top institutions are leveraging data and transparency to make better investment decisions. This guide will show you how you can also be a data-driven investor and answer any question about your portfolio in seconds, rather than days or weeks.

  • Building a Data Foundation
  • The Importance of an Analytics Engine to Analyze Your Data
  • The Various Sources of Transparency and more...
Hidden Insight within Manager Data Image

Key Data Showing How Hedge Funds Underperformed

This article examines the fundamentals of why 2014 was a terrible year to be invested in hedge funds and provides a data-driven assessment of why it was the worst year ever.

  • Exposure Management Skill Sets
  • Security Selection Skill Sets
  • Position Sizing Skill Sets
  • Historical Performance Spreads of the Top and Bottom Performing Securities and more...
Data Showing How Hedge Funds Underperformed Image

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