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Novus Public Ownership Database™

1,500+ institutions. Sophisticated analytics. Actionable Insights.

Screenshot showing part of the dashboard for the Public Ownership Database.

Enhanced Portfolio Intelligence for Asset Owners

Explore filtered, standardized, and classified public holdings information from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, such as 13F Filings. Use SEI Novus’ analytics suite to track hedge fund sentiment, extract meaningful insights on a manager’s reported holdings, and research new investment ideas.

Regardless of transparency in your managers’ reports, the Novus Public Ownership Database can simulate daily position-level information managers you are invested in, providing a complete picture of each manager’s portfolio.
Graph of the enriched exposure look-through.
Apply SEI Novus’ robust analytics suite to a manager’s most recently reported filings. Uncover unique skillsets, slice and dice by categories, and analyze performance forward and backward through time.
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Graph of Manager Due Diligence
Looking to add a manager to your portfolio? Understand the uniqueness the manager would bring to your book by looking at the security overlap of the new manager vs. your existing portfolio, and comparing fund performance.
Chart of Overlap Analysis
Explore SEI Novus’ proprietary research indices that track trends within the hedge funds space, our aggregated Novus Hedge Universe portfolio, and themes such as Crowdedness, Conviction, Consensus, and Concentration.
Graph of Hedge Fund Trends & Novus Indices
This product is only available with an SEI Novus subscription. Not sold separately.

Novus Hedge Fund Universe

SEI Novus maintains a proprietary aggregate data index called the Novus Hedge Fund Universe that is based on public disclosures from approximately 1,500 hedge fund managers in the United States, and weighted on reported market value.

This database is evaluated quarterly and tracks the following criteria from the table below.

Business Type

Ensure the institution filing the 13F form is a hedge fund
Source: Fee structure and legal entity type listed in the filing


Categorize funds based on declared strategy
Source: Media coverage and fund’s website


Make certain the fund meets requirements for its category
Source: Reported holdings


Order hedge funds according to performance
Source: Simulated returns based on underlying positions

Research Dashboards

The Novus Hedge Fund Universe is used to power publicly available dashboards, covering topics such as ESG, Hedge Fund Families, and Manager Strategies.

Because of the nature of the 13F reporting cycle, these research dashboards focus on fundamental long/short equity managers.

Novus Public Ownership is available as an add-on to the SEI Novus solution. It is not sold separately.
For inquiries about this product, reach out to publicownershipdata@seic.com.

Research aggregated public data in our interactive dashboards.

Explore publicly available analytics for Hedge Fund Ownership, Family Lineage, Strategy, and more.

Several charts and graphs showing the research data