Novus builds your investment book of records (IBOR) through its network of 100+ connections with fund administrators, custodians, prime brokers, and portfolio management systems.

Whether at position- or exposure-level, whether at daily or monthly frequency, Novus digitizes and organizes manager-provided information to increase and leverage portfolio transparency.

No analytic holds meaning without accurate data. Through advanced reconciliation technology, Novus verifies the quality and timeliness of crucial portfolio information.

Using its cutting-edge technology and investment professionals, Novus knows where and how to intervene to correct data discrepancies and perfect portfolio information.

Discover and track who shares your same positions. By scraping and cleansing public filings from 100+ regulatory agencies worldwide, Novus reveals who else holds your positions, and what that may signify.

How does your portfolio compare to the most popular hedge fund bets? Are you in crowded trades, or are you following the wisdom of the crowd? Novus' proprietary indices uncover the reality.

Alternative data is booming, but are you making the most of what's out there? Novus connects data from thousands of providers to your portfolio (e.g., ESG), allowing you to extract relevant insights.

Through a fully customizable logic-based system, Novus allows you to label, bucket and analyze your portfolio via tags—perfectly reflecting the way you see the world.

Novus offers the option to delegate all data ingestion, validation, and enrichment in a scalable way, so that you can focus on your investment decisions and make the most of your time.

Novus gives you tools to upload, inspect, validate, correct, enrich, manipulate, audit, and protect your data, keeping you in full control of your portfolio information.

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August 29, 2019

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September 16, 2019

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