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“A sense of humility in markets is a super important attribute of any portfolio manager if you want to get better."

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Josh Jacobson (Cheyne)

Sponges, Not Stones

Josh Jacobson is Partner and COO of the Equity Division at Cheyne Capital Management, a London-based alternative investment manager.

He is also the classic successful player-turned-coach story. The concept of coaching has always been a core tenet throughout Josh's career. Why? Investing is a performance activity. And as Josh points out, all of the world's very best performers who are at the top of their game, across any category, have a coach.

Josh Jacobson started his career at Salomon Brothers in New York, where he conducted macroeconomic research within the emerging markets team. He joined Cheyne in 2002, where he managed one of the firm’s equity long-short portfolios without a single down year during his eight years as a portfolio manager (including during the 2008 financial crisis). He left for Trafalgar Capital in 2009, and then returned to Cheyne in 2015, where he now spends much of his time passing on his hard-earned wisdom to portfolio managers.

In this episode, Josh shares what he learned from his time studying with Ari Kiev, and discusses the uncomfortable realities that he faced while scrutinizing his own performance. Andrea and Josh also explore the common mental traps that investors fall prey to, as well as the top advice Josh gives when he is coaching portfolio managers.

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