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"I would not be in this business if I was not actually going after companies that I believe to be exploiting the markets and exploiting the public. That is 100% why I'm in this business. I want to make money off the backs of those companies."

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Fahmi Quadir (Safkhet Capital)

Shorting Fraud

Fahmi Quadir ascended to fame in 2015 when she played a pivotal role among investors shorting Valeant Pharmaceuticals. She appeared on Netflix's Dirty Money series in 2018, discussing her successful short position against the company.

At the time, Fahmi was an analyst at Krensavage Asset Management. Her concentrated, aggressive short book of fraudulent healthcare and biotechnology companies that she developed at Krensavage propelled her towards launching her own short-only fund in 2017. She was 27 years old.

Safkhet Capital, where Fahmi is founder and CIO, is a concentrated, short-only fund focused on identifying and exposing fraudulent companies and companies with misleading business practices. Safkhet achieves this via diligent investigative research, unblinking defiance in the face of opposition, and a strong propensity for moral justice.

Fahmi's penchant for sniffing out and acting against fraud has even earned her the nickname, "the assassin." And as she describes in this episode, "It's not uncommon for me to be in a room with executives and then they start sweating—even if I'm not saying anything."

She attributes much of her drive to her upbringing, and the sacrifice her parents made for her in moving to the US from Bangladesh. Born and raised on Long Island, Fahmi Quadir graduated in mathematics and biology from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. Her rigorous STEM background and love of mathematics has shaped her approach to the world and markets.

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