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"What's so interesting about being a portfolio manager is that there are so many different skills. Chances are, you're not going to be brilliant at all of them. So it's about understanding where your weaknesses are, having a clear idea of what you want, and then simply having a method and following your process."

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Chris Dale (Kintbury Capital)

Math and Philosophy

Chris Dale is the founder, CIO, and portfolio manager at Kintbury Capital, a London-based hedge fund.

Chris attended Cambridge to study math, but eventually earned his degree in philosophy. After school, Chris began work at S.G. Warburg in corporate finance. He eventually migrated to Warburg's equity division, where Chris cultivated his passion for markets and investing. Next, he moved to Millennium Capital Partners, at the time a $2.5 billion dollar fund.

Chris left Millennium to start his own fund, Kintbury, motivated by his fascination for European equities.

In this episode, we hear about Chris’s perception of market bubbles, as well as the valuable role that both math and philosophy played in shaping his approach to markets. Chris shares his personal metrics for determining when to sell, and also explains his ideology around tracking performance on a long-term basis.

Chris values inquisitiveness, which has served him well throughout his career. It turns out that math, philosophy, and investing all have the following in common: to succeed, you must truly understand and dissect your assumptions.

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