Novus Public Ownership The most comprehensive analytical platform for public regulatory and ownership data globally, by managers and securities.

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Next-Level Manager Sourcing & Research

Novus Public Ownership helps you source and conduct research on top hedge funds.

Search & Source Managers

Go beyond RFPs and traditional performance-based databases. Search over 10,000+ investment managers and dive deep into hedge fund portfolios, attribution, risk stats, exposures and more. The Novus Public Ownership Platform gives you more advanced manager sourcing tools than ever before.

Understand a Manager's Skill Sets

Is your manager good at sizing positions? How much alpha has been generated in Technology vs. Consumer Discretionary stocks? Use the attribution suite to identify exactly what the manager's skill-sets are.

View Historical Portfolio Analysis

Understanding a manager's current portfolio is important, but even more important is considering how it has changed over time. Is the manager consistent or are there sporadic shifts in exposure? Use the Novus Public Ownership Platform to answer these questions and more.

Aggregate Industry Hedge Fund Trends

Easily look at industry-level exposure trends by sector, security ownership stats, crowdedness, and more. Understand how the industry is trending compared to your investment managers.

Measure Manager Uniqueness

Is looking to add a manager to your portfolio? Before you do, understand what uniqueness the manager would bring to your book by looking at the security overlap of the new manager vs. your existing portfolio.

Analyze EU Short Interest Data

Go beyond 13F long positions by accessing European Short Interest Data -- fully integrated into the Novus Public Ownership Platform. Now, you can see a more complete picture of a hedge fund's book to understand not only the long side, but also the short.

Sources and Coverage

Every single historical global filing integrated into our powerful analytics platform

Novus Public Ownership provides investors with the most comprehensive global ownership data from over 100 regulatory agencies around the world.

Sources Include:

  • 13F, D, G, 3, 4 and 5 filings
  • AMF (France), FSA (UK) and CVM (Brazil)
  • European short position filings across 20 countries
  • Japanese short position filings from the TSE and OSE

Coverage Includes:

  • Over 50,000 portfolios
  • Over 10,000 hedge funds / investment advisors
  • Over 40,000 mutual funds

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  • Attribution
  • Risk
  • Crowdedness
  • Overlap
  • Reporting
  • Excel Add-In
$400 /mo


  • Attribution
  • Risk
  • Crowdedness
  • Overlap
  • Reporting
  • Excel Add-In
$800 /mo