Novus Manager Reporting Report Efficiently. Report Securely.

The Novus Reporting Solution is a transparency-sharing service that enables thousands of hedge funds to report fund information to their investors who use Novus, through the Novus Analytics Platform.

Here's How It Works

An investor will submit a request to their investment manager (either directly or through a Novus representative) to provide Novus historical fund data and ongoing future reporting. This may include monthly exposure and risk reports, investor letters, performance updates, positions with profit and loss, and other information. Novus can process this information from various sources, whether from an administrator or prime broker or directly from the manager.

Once authorized by the manager to receive the relevant data, Novus will gather, process, and integrate it into the Novus Analytics Platform for the investor to analyze. The information may only be viewed by those whom the manager has authorized. Novus will only share the level of transparency authorized by the manage.

The investor can now privately access and analyze information about your fund on the Novus Analytics Platform through a web-based password protected software application. Additionally, the investor will be able to roll up information across all of their funds to view data at an aggregate portfolio level.



Novus’ Reporting Solution can process multiple levels of transparency that fund managers can choose and set. In addition, Novus is able to process underlying positions data but limit an investor’s view of that data to category or exposure-level information, when shared with permissioned investors.


You control which investors or authorized parties have access to your fund information.  Once authorized, investors can log into the Novus Platform and access the data provided to Novus. In addition, the data integration is seamless and easy. Novus can establish data feeds directly with your administrator or prime broker.


Novus takes the security and trust in our products very seriously. That’s why we’ve invested millions in our technology and security infrastructure, in order to protect your confidential information and make sure it is only accessed by authorized parties.


Investors come to Novus to help them manage their underlying data. By sharing fund reports and data with Novus, investment managers not only help assure their investors of transparency into their fund investment, but also enable them to easily analyze their entire manager portfolio through one platform to further assist them in reaching their broader investment goals.

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