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The Novus 4C Indices track important hedge fund factors through public equities. See positions, risk & return stats for four meaningful hedge fund factors.

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Novus 4C Indices

Wisdom of the crowd?

July 9, 2021

It's wise to keep a close eye on crowdedness -- a quality that companies exude when their shares are at once popular and illiquid. This is often where the hidden gems are.

According to the Novus 4C indices, three of these names have garnered particular attention in the hedge fund universe: West Fraser Timber (NYSE:WFG), Boliden (London:OYAL) and APi Group (NYSE:APG). A Canadian timber company, Swedish mining company and American construction company respectively, perhaps the most interesting thing about them is how boring they are. At the moment, the big money is betting on Information Technology, Health Care and Financials, but West Fraser and Boliden are in Materials while APi is in Industrials. Could this be a hint at where funds will flow when the inevitable rotation occurs?