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Successful Investors
Manager Analysis

Each month, this dashboard is updated with data from a different manager's publicly available regulatory filings. This month we present Scion Asset Management.

Novus aggregates over 10,000 vetted institutions, including hedge funds and long only managers, with data spanning over fifteen years. Besides equities, asset classes like options and fixed income securities are included as well as short positions disclosed in Europe and Asia.

The power of the Novus platform is in the analytics engine on top of this database. We simulate portfolios based on ownership and market data to provide clients with deep insight into critical concepts. These tools help investors understand the manager before they ever meet with them, ultimately improving their odds of successful investment. Clients monitor and analyze their existing managers (using complete portfolio data at that point) through an analytics lens that helps them detect changes and red flags. Managers themselves use the same analytics toolset to scrutinize their own performance, and monitor their portfolios. With these tools, Novus clients can understand risks not detected by traditional methods—such as crowding, factor exposures, and style drift.

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