The Top Ten Hedge Funds of 2015

By now, you must have heard all about the things that went wrong for hedge fund managers in 2015. No doubt it was a challenging year, but the bright spots stubbornly remind us of the merits and tenacity of active management. In this collection, we profile ten managers who were able to overcome the head winds of the current environment and deliver strong returns to their investors in reward for their trust. These managers come from different backgrounds, use different strategies and are all over the map in terms of AUM and tenure.

They do, however, have one thing in common – their investment acumen landed them on our short list of top performing hedge fund managers of 2015. According to our public data research, these managers all earned north of 15% ROI on their long books in a year when equity benchmarks and hedge fund indices were close to flat. 

So let’s meet last year’s top performers and dissect their stubborn disregard for averages.

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