Performance Attribution

The #1 Attribution Platform

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Win Loss Ratio Insight for Investors

The insights you need to better understand the drivers of performance.

No more static reports or Excel exports. Novus offers serious performance attribution analytics for serious investors.

Novus helps you understand portfolio and manager attribution, with absolute and relative contributions, batting averages, win/loss and slugging ratios that span your entire portfolio history—all in one platform.

Attribution Detail

Focus on the Drivers Behind Results

Drivers of performance matter more than results. Novus gives you incredible detail beyond just P&L and contribution, allowing you to better understand your managers batting averages, capital-allocation ratios, win/loss and slugging metrics and relative alpha generation.
Long Short Attribution for Investors

Category-Level Attribution

Are you generating alpha? What pockets of your portfolio perform the best?

Your attribution history across any category (asset class, sector, market capitalization, liquidity profile, analyst, strategy and more) is a click away. Select your date range and visualize your exposures, profit & loss, contribution, return on invested capital, batting averages and more. Drill down or slice and dice your attribution by the variables that matter most to you.
Category Level Attribution Double Screens