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    Cheyne, Novus Peel Back the Curtain on Fixed-Income Performance

    “Novus now uses data and analytics to help fund managers and institutional investors understand the specific skills and behaviors that are adding value to – and detracting from – their equity portfolios. Cheyne is initially piloting the work with Novus to expand that service to fixed income instruments.”

    February 28, 2017

    World Economic Forum Selects Novus as a Top Industry Innovator

    The World Economic Forum has selected Novus as a top industry innovator in its latest report, “The Future of Financial Services.” Said about Novus, “Through Novus’ automated platform, nearly all funds across the world, and their performance, are catalogued and analyzed based on an automated collection of regulator reporting data.”

    July 6, 2015

    Novus Appoints John Trammell as Managing Director in New York

    “John’s breadth of experience in the global hedge fund industry is unparalleled, and his tremendous energy and wealth of knowledge will bring new strengths to Novus in both strategic and tactical situations,” said Basil Qunibi, CEO and Founder of Novus. “John’s addition to Novus will help us continue to expand and build our reach in the investment management industry. We look forward to integrating John into our team and working closely with him.”

    December 4, 2014

    Novus Signs Additional European Hedge Fund Clients

    “Transparency is essential these days, but overwhelming our investors with raw data instead of actionable, measureable insight is not the solution. By using advanced portfolio analytics systems such as the Novus Platform, we can more effectively articulate our value proposition to both existing and prospective investors,” said Christian Thum from Mako.

    August 4, 2014

    Novus Partners with $1.8B Swiss-based Fund of Hedge Funds Provider

    “No longer is it enough to simply find the best managers and secure capacity in those funds we have a fiduciary responsibility to analyse an overwhelming amount of data provided by those managers to minimize risks and make strategic decisions on behalf of our clients. Our partnership with Novus allows us to shift our focus entirely to what we do best: invest.”

    July 12, 2014

    Novus Announces Updated Hedge Fund Overlap Matrix for Investment Managers

    “The Hedge Fund Overlap Matrix is an irreplaceable tool for investors to understand the portfolio composition of their managers and their own exposure to individual securities,” said Stanley Altshuller, Chief Research Officer at Novus. “It allows them to grasp manager similarities, crowded positions, and the diversification value each manager adds. Managers use the tool to identify other investors in their names and gauge the level of crowding in each security.”

    March 17, 2015